Social Experience

Now That I Have You….

I was told by my present mentor to create a blog. I was thinking to myself, ‘Okay. Cool. I can do that because I know my journal is getting tired of me.’ Then she said the magic words…’You can do whatever you want. You can talk about whatever you want. This blog is yours and there are no rules’. I was like ‘What!’ I felt like the Hallelujah choir should have been cued at that moment. A place where I can just talk about whatever is on my mind. Things I’ve been pondering. My experiences in life. The best part is that no one can tell what I can talk about!! Sweet!!

Now that I have you, I don’t know what to share first. There’s so much to tell. I am a twin to a boy. I am also a second born, middle child, which means I am naturally secretive. So, when it’s time to share it’s almost like I have to literally give myself permission. ‘Okay Tommie. You can open up and share now’. That’s how I feel sometimes. It takes a while before it all gushes out. I do like sharing, talking, and everything communication.

I love people. I enjoy talking to random people I meet during a walk in the city. I went for a walk yesterday and met up with a woman from New York. She was born and raised in New York but then decided to come to Norfolk and has been here for the past 40 years. I was a great conversation because I’ve only been to New York a couple of times and I always asked the natives how do they drive there? I can’t imagine getting a license there. What do you tell your kid? I am sure the rules of the road are extremely different! My youngest daughter almost got run over the last time she was there is she was walking.

Of course we parted ways as I made my way back towards my home. You never know who you meet just by saying hello. You can open up the door to something wonderful being imparted into your life. When I was working at Wal-Mart as a cashier, I determined in my mind that I wouldn’t associate with the usual people I tended to gravitate towards during┬ábreak time and lunch. I wanted to be a different person. The kind of person that talked to basically anyone. I didn’t just want to take to them but to make them feel comfortable and valuable. I started this goal by just doing one simple thing: I started saying hi to everyone I made eye contact with. I did this everyday all day whether they spoke back or not.

It’s an interesting experiment because a lot of people will look you straight in the eye and not say anything. I spoke anyway. After about a month of doing this I began to notice that people began to speak to me first, they began to speak back, and I started holding conversation with a very diverse group of people. I felt very accomplished because I used to think that just by looking at someone who we didn’t have nothing in common. Now I know that the fact that we are human is more than enough. I doesn’t matter the race, the kind of music we like to listen to, whether you drink and I don’t. I doesn’t matter and it’s not strong enough to keep us from coming together.

I enjoyed that experiment and it changed me. I believe that was the best lesson I took away from Wal-Mart. It didn’t bother me that people didn’t speak and still didn’t speak after a month because you have to allow people to be themselves. I don’t know what that person was going through at that moment or if they simply didn’t want to. I was determined to not let it change my heart so I could stay open to the possibility of meeting some amazing people wrapped in peculiar packages.

Now that I have you, I have a lot of sharing to do! Thanks for spending this time with me.